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Working in an office day after day is a way to SERIOUSLY pack on the pounds. I mean, who knew sitting all day wouldn’t AUTOMATICALLY keep you slim and trim!? We’re here to help you! These‭ ‬17‭ ‬healthy eating tips for the workplace can help to keep you trim and fit while you sit at a desk most of the day.‭ ‬

Sitting down for hour after hour is bad enough.‭ ‬What’s even worse‭? ‬Sitting down, hour after hour,  (after $&#% hour) while stuffing your face with junk food.‭ ‬That’s kind of the recipe for diabetes.‭ ‬And obesity.‭ ‬And generally looking and feeling awful.‭ ‬

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So,‭ ‬don’t be THAT person.‭ ‬

Don’t sit there and finish off a bag of chips by yourself.‭ ‬Learn some healthy eating habits,‭ ‬and this may come as a surprise,‭ ‬but you’ll actually be healthier.

Don’t keep junk food around.‭ ‬How do you avoid grabbing a candy bar from your desk drawer and wolfing it down‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬don’t keep a candy bar in there.‭ ‬Problem solved.

And STOP rolling your eyes! 🙄

We know, it’s not always THAT simple is it? So we want to get you eating healthier at the office and show you it’s not as hard as it mat seem at first.

Here are our 17 Tips for Eating Healthy at Work

1. The Vending Machine is NOT Your Friend.

The vending machine calls to you,‭ ‬displaying its fattening wares through a glass window,‭ ‬enticing you to give it your money in exchange for food that is pretty much as bad for you as it can possibly be.‭ ‬Just say “no” to the vending machine.‭

2. Don’t Load Up on Vending Machine Soda Either.‭ ‬It’s only extra sugar and calories.

Just don’t do it.‭ ‬When you are thirsty,‭ ‬wait for it…drink water.‭ ‬Either keep a bottle with you or go to the water cooler.‭

Water Bottles Like This One With the Filter are SUPER Handy. CLICK THE IMAGE to See More!

We recommend grabbing your own water bottle. The ones with a straw are especially handy. The water bottles with a FILTER are even better. 

You can grab the water from the fountain at work or the water cooler and make sure you always have clean filtered water. 

3. ‬Diet Soda is Not Okay Either.

‬Don’t believe me‭? ‬You may think the lack of sugar makes it healthier, but artificial sweeteners are problematic. We’re not doctors here, but have a look at some research on the topic from our friends at Harvard.

4. Oh, Did we mention water? 😁 Here are a few other benefits:

  • It also helps to keep your stomach full,‭ ‬which means less hunger.‭ ‬
  • Less hunger means less temptation to eat something bad.‭
  • ‬As an added bonus you’ll have to go the to the bathroom more,‭ ‬which means more movement and exercise.

5. Keep Nuts Around.‭ ‬

Not the kind you hang out with,‭ ‬the kind you eat.‭ ‬Nuts are full of healthy fats and protein.‭ ‬They also don’t require any refrigeration making them an ideal snack to keep in your desk.

Services like Nature Box offer very healthy pre-packaged snacks that you can easily pack into your bag to take to the office. It’s one of OUR favorite go-to’s for the following reasons:

6. Pack Your Lunch

If you are lucky you get an hour for lunch.‭ ‬That means you won’t be heading to some healthy eatery,‭ ‬your heading for some greasy burger place.‭ ‬Instead,‭ ‬pack something healthy like turkey breast on whole wheat.‭ ‬As an added bonus you’ll save some cash.

Here are a few simple lunch ideas you can pack:

  • Salad (keep dressing in a small container to get your salad dry)
  • Simple Pasta Salad or dish
  • Tuna fish (with pita or in a tuna salad)
  • Wraps (You can ad a protein of your choice…Hummus is ALWAYS awesome with any wrap)
  • Soup. Reheat it. Eat it. Nom Nom Nom.

7. Don‭’t ‬Keep A Bowl Of Candy On Your Desk,‭ ‬Keep A Bowl Of Fruit.‭ ‬

If you need that sugar fix,‭ ‬then get it with a natural option instead of a highly processed candy bar.‭ ‬Plus,‭ ‬when you get your sugar fix from a natural source you won’t end up crashing and trying to find a place to hide and take a nap an hour after your snack.

Let’s Talk About Healthy Snacks

8. Try dehydrated fruit.

Raisins are a type of dehydrated fruit. Craving something that crunches? Then try banana chips or apple chips. These are great snacking options that keep without needing to be refrigerated.

How about some Dried Mango!? Its one of my personal favorites.

image of nature ox dried mango

OMG! The Dried Mango. Click It To Get IT!😍

9. Keep Some Protein Bars at Your Desk.‭

‬Not just any protein bar,‭ because many contain as much sugar as a candy bar. Read the Labels and watch out for sugars in disguise.

We LOVE the QUEST Protein bars. They are low in net carbs.

Protein bars can keep you feeling full,‭ ‬and they also give you energy.‭

More energy means you’ll be a more productive worker,‭ ‬which is going to make your boss much happier with you.

Well, not if your boss is a jerk…but that’s a TOTALLY different set of tips we’d need to give you. We don’t have time for this. Focus!!!

10. Looking For Another Great Protein Source‭? ‬Try Beef Jerky.‭ ‬

Or turkey jerky.‭ ‬Or any kind of jerky.‭ ‬Jerky is a great snack.

  • It’s all low fat.
  • High in protein.‭ ‬
  • Low in Carbs

11. Donuts are not your friend.‭ ‬

Do you really need more explanation here‭? ‬When you see that donut box in the break room don’t even look at it.‭ ‬I’m not sure but I swear when I look at a donut box I think I get a little fatter.


General Easy Office Nutrition

12. Eat Breakfast.‭ ‬

Getting up‭ ‬15‭ ‬minutes earlier won’t be fun,‭ ‬but it’s not going to kill you.‭ ‬Starting your day with some egg whites,‭ ‬or oatmeal,‭ ‬or fresh fruit can get you off on the right foot.‭ ‬You’ll also be less likely to be seduced by the donut box in the breakroom.

13. Coffee is fine,‭ ‬sugar not so much.‭ ‬

Black coffee can help you to keep your eyes open and it’s a great metabolism booster.‭ ‬When you add sugar to it you basically take all of the benefits it naturally offers and flushes them down the toilet.‭ ‬Sugar is bad.‭ ‬Sugar is always bad.‭ ‬Always.

14. Don’t eat out of boredom.‭ ‬

Is sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen all day mind-numbingly boring‭? ‬You bet it is.‭ ‬But don’t snack just to give yourself something to do when you’re bored.‭ ‬Unless you are hungry then don’t eat.‭

15. You can cheat once in a while.‭ ‬

On your diet.‭ ‬Not on you’re significant other,‭ ‬that’s never cool.‭ ‬Or your taxes,‭ ‬that’s just asking for it.‭ ‬

What you can do is enjoy a small piece of cake when there is an office birthday or something along those lines.‭ ‬Just don’t let it become a regular thing and it’s not going to really affect you much at all.

16. Drink plenty of green tea,‭ ‬just skip the sugar.‭ ‬

Much like coffee,‭ ‬green tea will give you a nice boost of energy,‭ ‬and it’s a healthy beverage as long as you don’t start shoveling a bunch of sugar into it.‭ ‬

If you must add some sweetness to it,‭ ‬then a drop of honey should be fine.‭ ‬A drop.‭ ‬Not a stream from the bottle,‭ ‬a drop.‭ ‬Maybe two if you must.

Green tea can also help in the fat burning process. Burn, Baby, Burn!🔥🔥

17. Pay attention to everything you eat.‭ ‬

If you are going to eat something make sure you know what’s in it.‭ ‬If your friend offers you a treat you don’t have to be rude,‭ ‬but you also don’t have to eat it.‭ ‬Sure,‭ ‬it’s kind of boring to always be paying attention and reading labels.‭ ‬But it sure beats having to realize one-day diabetes snuck up on you.

So,‭ ‬there you have it! A quick and easy way to eat healthier when you are at work.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬I’d go so far as to say that these‭ ‬17‭ ‬healthy eating tips for the workplace are so easy that anyone can commit to doing them.‭

‬Learning how to eat healthy at work takes some effort, but the results are well worth any effort you put into it.

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