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27‭ Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk [Ways to Exercise At Work]

27‭ ‬Smart Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Working in an office can SUCK. Especially for fitness junkies. Learn these‭ ‬27‭ ‬smart exercises you can do at your desk. You’ll thank us later.

Send fruit baskets. We like pineapple😄

You work a lot,‭ ‬so that means it’s okay to just sit around,‭ ‬gain weight,‭ ‬and watch as your health slips away.‭ ‬You don’t mind looking terrible and feeling even worse,‭ ‬do you‭? ‬

Oh,‭ ‬wait,‭ ‬you probably do.‭ ‬So that means you can’t make excuses,‭ ‬instead, you need to find solutions.‭ ‬One great solution‭? ‬Find ways to exercise at work!

Starting Out Slowly. We’re not coming to the ER to help you! 😉

Your coworkers might look at you like your weird.‭ ‬Your boss may scratch his head.‭ You might hear what sounds like “hateful” whispering behind your desk!.


‬But,‭ ‬who cares what they think‭? ‬If you are getting your work done then it really shouldn’t matter that you aren’t behaving like the rest of the lemmings.‭ ‬

So,‭ ‬when you are ready to get things started,‭ ‬then these exercises are a great way to start the ball rolling.

You may not think that exercises you can do at your desk would be that effective, but once you try these you’ll probably be forced to admit that you were wrong.

1. Stand up.‭ ‬

That’s right,‭ ‬the simple act of getting off of your backside counts as exercise.‭ ‬Why does it‭? ‬Because most people that sit in office chairs only move to shift weight or reach for a candy bar.‭ ‬Not exactly healthy is it‭?

‬If you want to break this cycle of sitting there for hours on end without moving,‭ ‬then stand up a few times an hour.‭ ‬It doesn’t get much easier than this.

2. Stand up more.‭ ‬

If standing up a few times an hour is good,‭ ‬then what is standing up all the time‭? ‬It’s better‭! ‬A standing desk will allow you to concentrate on your work while still moving around and getting the exercise that we all desperately need.


CLICK THE IMAGE: A Standing Desk is the PERFECT WAY To stay Fit AT WORK

3. Stretch out your neck.‭ ‬

Ever get those really annoying tension headaches that make it hard to concentrate‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬many of those headaches are caused by a neck strain.‭ ‬

Staring at a computer monitor for hours at a time can strain your neck,‭ ‬who would’ve guessed‭? ‬To avoid this,‭ ‬you should sit up straight,‭ ‬and gently lower your head and get your chin as close to your chest as possible.‭ ‬

Hold for a few seconds,‭ ‬then repeat.‭ ‬Your coworkers might think you are engaging in some sort of slow-motion headbanging,‭ ‬but when you aren’t plagued by headaches anymore then who cares‭?

4. Stretch your back.‭ ‬

Sitting in a chair all day is bad for your back too.‭ ‬Got a sore back after a long day of not moving at all‭? ‬Avoid it by twisting side to side throughout the day.‭ ‬

Images of image you can do at your deskIt’s a really simple and easy to do exercise that can keep your back from tightening up.

5. Stretch out those shoulders.‭ ‬

Have sore shoulders‭? ‬Yep,‭ ‬sitting in a chair all day without moving can cause thfirst‭ ‬

So firstly, we need you to check out our post on active sitting.

Starting to see a pattern here‭?

‬Yeah,‭ ‬hopefully, you are.‭ ‬Shoulder stretches work by grasping your hands behind your back and pulling down or doing the same with your hands above your head.

One of the biggest issues that can arise from sitting at your desk and leaning your head forward is that your posture suffers.

To help remedy this there are many products and courses that can help you get back on track. This is one of our recommendations:

Forward Head Posture Fix Program

6. Get Advanced (When You’re Ready)

Once you’ve gotten the basics down then you can move on to some more advanced moves.‭ ‬Everything here is something you can do at your desk,‭ ‬which should occupy a short amount of time.‭ ‬

If anyone gives you a hard time about messing around,‭ ‬simply tell them that you are making your health a priority ‭‬and that a healthy worker is more productive.‭ Or to “screw off”. Well, maybe not that one. 😉

7. Push-ups.‭

‬Push-ups are an amazing exercise for building strength and muscle.‭ ‬They strengthen your arms,‭ ‬shoulders,‭ ‬back,‭ ‬chest,‭ ‬well they basically strengthen your entire upper body.‭ ‬

Are push-ups hard‭? ‬

Yes,‭ ‬they are.‭ ‬If they are too hard then do them on your knees.‭ ‬A few sets of‭ ‬10‭ ‬a day will help keep you from dreading bathing suit season.

8. Squats.‭ ‬

Are squats done by giant guys in the gym with huge weights on their back‭? ‬Yep!‭ ‬Are squats also done without weights by regular people like you‭? ‬Yep!‭ ‬You don’t need weights to do squats,‭ ‬you just stand up,‭ ‬maintain good form,‭ ‬then do up and down.‭ ‬

Tired of having a butt that wiggles a bit more than you want it too‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬squats will get your backside toned up and help to give you defined legs as well.‭

9. Triceps dips.‭ ‬

If you dread the idea of waving to people because the bottom of your arm sways and jiggles,‭ ‬then triceps dips can help.‭ ‬Just face away from your desk,‭ ‬place your hands on the top of your desk,‭ ‬then lower yourself up and down.‭ ‬

Simple enough isn’t it‭?

10. Calf raises.‭ ‬

Having sexy legs takes hard work,‭ ‬and calf raises can help you to get things started the right way.‭ ‬Just stand up behind your chair,‭ ‬lift one leg off of the ground,‭ ‬then raise to your toes and go back down.‭ ‬Do both legs and you can tone up those calf muscles.

11. The invisible chair.‭ ‬

Do you know when you can sit at your desk and it’s not bad for you‭? ‬When you do it without a chair.‭ ‬Just pretend you have a chair,‭ ‬assume a sitting position,‭ ‬and let your legs,‭ ‬butt,‭ ‬and core work to keep you stable.

12. Glute squeezes.‭ ‬

This is another one that is going to keep you from having a sagging and jiggly backside.‭ ‬Just sit up straight,‭ ‬squeeze your glutes,‭ ‬and hold for a few seconds at a time.

13. Knee Tucks.

Tired of that little, or maybe not so little fat never seems to go away on the bottom of your stomach? Well, then get rid of it. Just sit up straight in your chair, then pull your knees toward your chest while contracting your core muscles. It’s kind of like doing a sit-up while sitting in your office chair.

14. Lunges.

Need to go to the copier? Or the bathroom? Well, maybe after going to the bathroom would be a better idea here.


Instead of walking from place to place do lunges.

Are you going to look silly? You bet you are. Are you also going to look better in a swimsuit? Absolutely!


15. Stationary lunges.

If your coworkers complain that you are doing lunges around the office, or you just get tired of them staring, you can always just do them behind your desk. You don’t need a lot of space because you can lunge forward, then turn around and lunge back to your starting point.

16. Park farther away from your building.

This isn’t technically a workout you do at your desk, but it’s still something you can easily do each day to get in a little bit more exercise.

Now, if it’s the middle of summer I’d recommend avoiding this tip unless you want to be known around your office for your unique odor.

17. Shoulder presses.

Have a paperweight sitting on your desk? How about anything else like a heavy purse or gym bag? Well, then you have a makeshift dumbbell.

It may not be a lot of weight but pressing even a small amount of weight over your head for a high number of repetitions can quickly have those shoulders burning.

18. Shoulder flies.

To hit the back of your shoulder muscle you can use a lightweight, keep your arm straight, then raise it to the side and then to the front. This is a great simple exercise that can get you results quickly.

19. Jumping jacks.

Everyone remembers jumping jacks from gym class. Well, guess what? They are a simple exercise that you can do at your desk, and they give you great results! Jumping jacks strengthen your legs, and they are a great aerobic option as well.

Just get up and do a set of 25 or more every hour and you’ll start seeing results quickly.


20. Arm curls.

Remember that paperweight or purse you used for shoulder presses? Well, it’s gonna work great for arm curls as well. A few sets of 10 throughout the day can help you to build strong and toned biceps muscles.

21. Military march.

This exercise looks rather silly and easy. It’s not. To do it you keep your arms and legs as straight as possible then march in place. It really is that simple. While you might think it’s going to be easy, after about a minute I’ll bet your shoulders, butt, and legs are going to be burning.

Know what that means? That means it works.

22. Triceps extensions.

This is another great exercise for battling that awful jiggly back of the arm that we all hate. Just lift a moderate weight, hold your again paperweight, over your head and lower it behind your back while bending your elbow.

23. Jogging in place.

For people that love going out for a run, but don’t have the time, jogging in place is a great alternative. This exercise falls in the same realm as jumping jacks. It works great, but it can be kind of disruptive to your coworkers, so you don’t want to do it if they start to complain.

24. Take the stairs.

Once again, this isn’t something you can do at your desk. If you work on the second or third story of a building or even a higher story, taking the stairs instead of an elevator is a fantastic way to get in some aerobic exercise.

25. Isometric bicep curls.

If you don’t have a weight you can use, you can assume the arm curls position, then push down on your hand with your other arm.

The biggest benefit here is that the pushing arm gets a triceps workout at the same time. Just switch back and forth and you can get in a total arm workout while sitting at your desk.

26. Use an exercise bike.

There are a lot of exercise bikes that are meant to be used in front of a chair, so you can place one under your desk and peddle away while you are working.

It’s one of those cool exercises to do at work while sitting

This is a great choice for a workout because it works well, you can continue to work while you do it, and you won’t be moving around and potentially bothering your coworkers. If you are looking for exercises to do at work while sitting, then this one should be at the top of your list. If you REALLY want to be hardcore than you can grab a DeskCycle. It’s like a mini bike that you can pedal under your desk. 

image of deskcycle

This DeskCycle is an AWESOME item you can keep under your desk.

27. Use a balancing device on your chair.

The biggest problem with an office chair is that you just sit there and hardly move. Using a balancing device, like a balance board, can force you to move around and actively sit instead of just letting the chair do all the work.

Once again, this is a great choice because it’s minimally disruptive while still being very effective, and it’s another of many types of exercises to do at work while sitting.


If you’d like to more office fitness tips, check out our article Benefits of Using a Balance Board At Work

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