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Top 11 Health Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Top 11 Benefits Of A Standing Desk

There are quite a few health benefits of a standing desk, once you understand just how much of a positive impact it can have you’ll probably be racing to get your own. Who in their right mind would want to stand at a desk all day instead of relaxing in a comfortable office chair?

I mean, you worked hard to get an office job so you wouldn’t be standing all day. Then why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it?

Well, it’s because sitting all day is bad for you.

Not exactly a news flash there, but inactivity leads to obesity, back pain, and all kinds of bad things. Sure, you may think that you want to sit all day, but the reality is that once you try out a standing desk and an active workstation you’ll probably end up quickly falling in love with it.

Or Not…..But we’re going to pretend that you’ll keep reading this.

What Are The Benefits Of Standing vs. Sitting?

1. Sitting down all day is going to make you overweight.

Being overweight can make u feel bad, it negatively impacts your health, and can shorten how long you live. 

I’ll bet that nice comfortable chair isn’t looking so good now, is it?

Conversely, when you have a standing desk you burn more calories throughout the day, making it easier to stay trim and fit.

So, let’s get REAL about standing desks and all of their benefits.

We’re listing 11. However, there ARE more.

2. Sitting down all day is going to cause back pain.

Why do you think your lower back hurts all the time? It’s not from all the strenuous work you do while sitting down. It’s from sitting down in a stationary position for hours at a time.

And no, leaning forward to grab your soda does not count as moving.😉

A standing desk helps eliminate back pain

Say that 3 times fast!! 

So, to summarize sitting down all day leads to back pain. Standing all day reduces back pain. Not exactly a difficult choice to make there now is it?

3. When you stand up you are going to burn more calories.

Rather than letting a chair hold you up, you can use those things attached to your body, their called legs.😲

Using your legs requires energy in the form of calories. So, you can sit there like a lump all day, or you can actually move around a bit and burn some calories.

4. Speaking of your legs, when you actually use them they will develop muscle tone.

Ladies, want to wear that little short black dress and show off those gams?

Fellas, you don’t want to be THIS guy with the chicken legs who ALWAYS skips leg day, right?

image of guy who skips leg day

Do You Even Leg Day Bro??

There’s some good motivation for you right there.

5. Working at a standing desk will actually make you feel more energized and alert.

When you just sit in a chair all day your heart rate is going to slow down, you’ll get drowsy.

Then shockingly your productivity levels will plummet.

Your body reacts this way because it recognizes sitting in a chair as a sign you are resting, so it starts to get you ready to go to sleep.

6. When you work at a standing desk you can also throw in a few squats.

“Oh snap! Did you just say lunges? I don’t want to do lunges. They make my butt hurt”😩

Hey! Listen up! We’re Trying to Help You here! 

Even just a lunge or two is better than nothing. Try doing that when you are sitting in a chair.

Sure, your co-workers may look at you like your a little crazy, but who cares!?

7. A standing desk will help to keep your metabolism up.

When you live a sedentary lifestyle your body responds by slowing down the rate at which it burns calories. That generally translates to weight gain.

On the other hand, when you are standing and moving all day your metabolism tends to stay elevated, which will help you to keep from packing on the pounds.

8. Combats Boredom

How many times have you caught yourself sitting at your desk, staring at the monitor, praying for 5 o’clock to get here already?


Well, when you sit all day and perform work that is less than stimulating, it’s only natural for you to get bored.

However, when you are standing and moving around you are going to feel much more alert and won’t suffer from the crushing boredom that tends to strike people that sit all day.

9. Improved Circulation.

Have you ever noticed that after sitting in your office chair for a few hours that you sometimes get that awful pins and needles feeling in one leg or the other?

Well, if you have then you aren’t alone.

You get those pins and needles due to a combination of a lack of circulation and also pressure put on the nerves in your lower back.

Take a guess what causes both of these issues? That’s right, sitting in a chair for hours at a time.

10. Good for Your Heart

Heart disease is a major health problem today that unsurprisingly walks hand in hand with obesity. Unless you want to increase your chances of suffering a heart attack, you need to find ways to up your activity level.

Even a little effort is better than none. And, it’s perfectly OK to start slow! 

Just Get Started!

A standing desk is a fantastic starting point here, and it’s another reason that you really should do your best to get one.

11.Helps Avoid Back Pain and Neck Strain

While most people realize that sitting for long periods of time leads to back pain, not everyone realizes that it can be a real pain in the neck as well.

That’s because sitting in a chair and staring at that wonderful monitor in front of you all day is not exactly a natural thing to do. So, if you want to prevent a neck strain, which often leads to headaches too, try a standing desk.

People Didn’t Evolve To Sit All Day

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. That means that they were up and about, walking miles a day while searching for food and other resources.

People that liked to sit all day didn’t last very long then.

Today, the average office worker sits hour after hour. Then instead of going out looking for food they go to the vending machine and hit a few buttons, and presto they have some god awful treat waiting for them.

Or, worse, they hit up the drive-thru so they can clog up their arteries a little bit more. 🤔


Given the inactive lifestyle that is so prevalent today, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that obesity is a major problem.

Who would have thought that sitting on your butt all day, drinking soda, and munching on candy would make you fat?

Well, actually everyone should realize this! It’s COMMON SENSE!

Sit there and don’t move and get fat. It really is that simple.

How Can A Standing Desk Help?

A standing desk won’t have you looking like a supermodel or a GQ model. It’s also not an excuse to eat whatever junk food you want or avoid going to the gym altogether.

What it is, however, is a piece of the puzzle.

Look, your probably a pretty busy person, right? So multi-tasking is a must if you want to get everything done hat needs to be done.

Why not multi-task some of your exercise needs while you are working at your job?

There will be days where you don’t have the time or the energy to go to the gym. There’s also going to be days where you succumb to the temptress that is the jelly donut in the break room.

This is where the benefits of a standing desk at work, work in your favor!

It happens, nobody is perfect, and if you try to be you’ll be on your way to the funny farm pretty quickly.

If you don’t have the time or energy to hit the gym, then don’t force yourself. Don’t use it as a frequent excuse, but if you need a break then take it. If that jelly donut is calling your name and you really, really want it, then having one once in a while won’t kill you.

In fact, it might help keep you from killing some of the more annoying people you work with. You know, that co-worker that takes LOUD personal calls all day?

Yeah, THAT person! Eat the donut, put down the knife! 

The point here is that if you have a standing desk, and REALLY think about its benefits, then your margin for error is quite a bit smaller. That jelly donut isn’t going to have much of a chance as going straight to your backside if you’ve been up moving around all day.

The same goes for the gym. If you sit in a chair all day and skip the gym, that’s not good at all. But, if you’ve been up moving around, then skipping the gym certainly isn’t the end of the world.

Want to take this to NEXT LEVEL? 

Of course, you do! 👍

So time to add a balance board to your standing desk and create an AWESOME active workstation. 

Also feel free to check out our What Is Active Sitting post for more in-office fitness education. 

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    Abhishek Bubna

    August 1, 2018

    I know someone who day trades and has his desk on a very very slow moving treadmill facing the forest! 🙂

    Matthew Brewer

    August 4, 2018

    Agreed! I asked for a standing desk in my office and they gladly obliged! Companies know that healthy employees are productive employees. I find myself standing, stretching and even doing crazy yoga poses throughout the day hoping nobody walks by my office during those moments. 🙂

    Great post!

    Theodene Allen

    August 13, 2018

    Oh how I wish my company would get me a stand up desk 😒 I’m just a contractor so I’m not allowed to get one . Love your reasons to use one!!

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